View Poll Results: Which do you like best as nicknames for sisters?

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  • Bea & Winnie

    28 33.73%
  • Bea & Dot

    30 36.14%
  • Bea & Lou

    20 24.10%
  • Bea & Hattie

    20 24.10%
  • Bea & Daisy

    32 38.55%
  • Bea & Millie

    13 15.66%
  • Other (Nettie, Minnie, Mamie, other suggestion?)

    1 1.20%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    May 2015
    Bea and Dot!!!!!!!!

    I also like Bea and Lou. The repetition of 3 letters each is appealing to me.
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    I love Bea and Lou together. I think Nell, Mae, Maisie, Ginny, and Sukie could work too.
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    Dec 2016
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    Bea and Winnie is my favorite, but I also really like Bea and Dot as well as Bea and Hattie.
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    Nov 2016
    Bea and Daisy!! Beatrix and Adelaide are lovely together

    I also like Bea and Millie!

    Some suggestions
    Bea and Posy (Beatrix and Josephine)
    Bea and Effie (Beatrix and Josephine/Felicity/Florence)
    Bea and Tansy (Beatrix and Constance)
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    Bea & Daisy is so sweet!
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