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Thread: Daniel: boring?

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    Daniel: boring?

    I have been thinking lately of Daniel. My combo is Daniel Hadley with the nickname Day. Do you find Daniel boring and plain?
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    Not at all. Daniel is nice and familiar, and with multiple nicknames option. Day is a lovely nickname, Daniel Hadley is a really handsome combo.
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    Daniel is a favorite of mine! I typically lean a little more one-way in terms of naming style (i.e. really old fashioned or more modern/quirky), but I love Daniel's timelessness, not to mention, the Biblical connection. Daniel Hadley is a great combo - I think Hadley makes the name even better for the 21st century

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    Daniel is nice - it feels steady and sturdy but Hadley and the nn Day gives it some flair
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    For me, the prettiest name ever! Really, I love it.
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