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    Short list for boys names

    We are down to the pointy end at 34 weeks pregnant with baby number 3 (gender unknown). Which boys name suits our sibset best? (name meanings in brackets as we care about that).Liam James (unwavering protector),Evelyn Rose and _____ Joel Netting.

    Ezra Joel (Helper)
    Luca Joel (Bringer of light)
    Amon Joel (Faithful, roaring stream)
    Caleb Joel (Faithful)
    Declan Joel (Man of prayer)

    I'm not as keen on Caleb and Declan, I just like the meanings and know that they suit our sibset.

    Please choose the name you think suits best and/or if you are absolutely sure that you know another amazing name that I should totally consider because you think it's perfect for us,**suggest away.

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    Your children's names are very universal, work in many languages, so I'd go for a name with the same qualities: Luca. I love it!
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    As you are unsure about Caleb and Declan, I would cross them of immediately. From the remaining three, Amon Joel is my favourite. I think the sound suits your sibset best of all and it has a strong, interesting meaning. A thing to consider is that Amon Netting runs together a bit. But its probably fine since it did not bother you with Evelyn. My second favourite is Ezra Joel
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    I think you should consider the names from Various perspectives.
    Liam & Evelyn
    Are a lovely set.
    Your ideas

    You have an E name and L name already, do you want them to share first initials? Or have their own. If their own then cut Ezra & Luca. You have an -n name, do you want another? If not you're only left with Caleb. You said Caleb wasn't your favourite. I personally love Caleb and feel it fits into your set Liam, Evelyn & Caleb works well and the meaning and history of the name is lovely. I think if you want them to share initials, I would have the boys share and go with Luca because its also lovely and goes with them well. If you plan to ever have another child another two syllable L name may be a nice little theme for a boy and something like Eleanor would be a good choice for a girl. But personally I do like having the kids have their own initials, this is the time to decide if you're going to just be able to put an initial on everyone's tooth brush and lunch box or whatever.
    Names I'm thinking of but sorry I can't think old meanings off the top of my head.

    Congrats on #3

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    Simce youre not as keen on Caleb and Declan, take them out of the running. Your child should have a name you love, not just one you think matches his siblings well. My favorite of your options is Ezra but I do like Luca as well. Amon is alright, I personally prefer Amos. But either way I don't think Amon or Amos go as well with Evelyn and Liam as your other 2 options. (Which I don't usually consider a deal breaker, but it does seem to be important to you.) Good luck and congratulations!!
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    Thanks so much for your suggestions. I love hearing your thoughts.

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