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    Advice on middle name for Kitty

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    Are Kitty and Kate their full names or just nicknames? If nicknames go with the full Catherine (Katherine). I do think Kitty mn Kate is too much. What about second names of Grandma Kitty or sister Kate. Other alternatives would be Katrina, Catriona, Caterina, Katelin/Caitlyn/other spelling. These all belong to the Catherine family. Kitty and Kate also belong. Maybe a new name to honour Grandma and sister would be special. Beatrix would be a great middle name.

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    Kitty and Kate generally have the same meaning and derive from the same name - using Kitty could count as honouring your sister too. You could consider using your sisters middle name too maybe?

    Otherwise, something like Kitty Beatrix Kate could work.
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    Since Kitty and Kate are both derived from Katherine, I think using either one or Katherine honors both. If this doesn't feel sufficient for you, I like the suggestion of using the middle name of one or the other. Maybe you could use Kitty and your sister's middle name.
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    I actually like Kitty Beatrix Kate. It's playful and quirky!
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