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Thread: Reuben?

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    Our kids are James and Leah. We love biblical names. We’re expecting a boy, and our favorite is Reuben. However I feel it kind of rhymes with our last name. Our last name sounds like ABE-lyn
    Or is it not a big deal if it’s somewhat melodic?
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    I personally would not use it as it is too rhymey, although Reuben is a wonderful anme. I would pick another Biblical names. There are plenty of them. My youngest son is Stephen Paul Jonathan. My older is Michael andrew.

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    Oh man, Reuben is perfect for you guys and is a great name, but I do see what you mean on the rhyme aspect. I don't think it is a huge deal though. It doesn't sound bad.

    If it still sticks in your mind, how about Roman? It takes away some of the rhyme aspect, though not all.

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