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    What name do you love but that wouldn't work with your last name?

    Kit is the first one that comes to mind. With a one-syllable last name that starts and ends with hard sounds (like Kit), it just sounds ridiculous. :.(

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    Clarke. The only one I can think of, unless I put it as the second middle in a three middle name.

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    Names that end with -a really run together with our last name. I absolutely love the name Aurora, and I will use it anyway if I get the chance/get DH on board.
    Also two syllable names ending in -er. They absolutely have no flow with our last name, and come out very drone-y and monotone. I really adore Azure and River, but I’m not sure if I’d use them as first names because of that reason.
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    ♂ Teodoro.
    Liliana, Sabrina. ♀

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    When I was married to my ex, any name that had a long o sound in it was off-limits for a first name as it echoes the same sound in his last name. Also, Abbey...think of a famous Beatles album.
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    A lot of names that end in -er as our last name ends with that sound. Although depending on the name some aren’t as bad. One of my favorites that I couldn’t really use is Asher because the sh sound doesn’t work with our surname plus the -er.

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