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    So many great suggestions!

    So far my favorites are:

    Leona - What was actually suggested was Leonore, but I think Leona is more my style.
    Macy - Maisie was suggested, but I prefer Macy. Too associated with the store?
    Evangeline - I prefer just Eva, but I worry about popularity.
    Coraline - With the popularity of Cora/Nora, I'm concerned.
    Eden - I think this is so pretty, but can't shake the religious connotation, and we're not terribly religious.
    Maren - Love this, but I heard the comparison to Karen and now it's so hard to shake. Same with Meryl/Sheryl.
    Felicity - This is a definite middle name contender.
    Calliope / Persephone - I love these, but I'm concerned about wearability through life. Calliope is more of a possibility for use.
    Freya - This one is growing on me, but any 'Fr-' name gives me Fran Drescher syndrome, where it seems harsh and nasal, even though it's not. Freya is a maybe though, as it's really a name I keep going back to.
    Anastasia - Middle name contender.
    Briar - Briony made me think of this, though it sounds odd with the surname and it's kind of popular (I think).
    Anika / Annika - I really like this name, but I'm unsure what spelling/pronunciation I prefer (either AW-nik-uh or ANN-ik-uh).
    Carmen - I have a soft spot for this name, but I worry about it sounding too traditional if that makes sense?
    Verona - I've love love LOVED this name forever, thank you for rreminding me of it.

    If it helps, for a boy we're thinking Arrow or Rocco. In our talks about girls, Marlowe and Bristol (too Palin-y?) have come up.
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    I think a couple of these might have mean suggested already but here goes:
    Dahlia and Francesca
    Dahlia and Matilda
    Dahlia and Juliet
    Dahlia and Twila/Twyla
    Dahlia and Rosalind
    Dahlia and Winona
    Dahlia and Viveca
    Dahlia and Glenda
    Dahlia and Marinette
    Dahlia and Anabelle/Annabelle
    Dahlia and Elodie
    Dahlia and Jemima
    Dahlia and Simone
    Dahlia and Ramona
    Dahlia and Madeline
    Dahlia and Tabitha
    Dahlia and Vivienne
    Dahlia and Nanette
    Dahlia and Mariposa
    Dahlia and Tiffany
    Dahlia and Clementine
    Dahlia and Verona
    Dahlia and Belinda

    I did my best to avoid names that were very L heavy and tried to avoid the ending letters you asked to have omitted.
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    Archimedes Theodore 08/22/2016

    Oleander Meadowlark (DH's current favorite,)
    Endymion Leopold, Viridian Apollo, Hyperion?

    Vote on my boy names [here].

    Cornelia Beatrix,
    Isadora Violaine, Persephone Rosemund,
    Octavia Eponine

    Vote on my girl names [here].

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    rachel - teenberry

    Delilah - Camilla - Geneva - Ida - Valentine
    Ronan - Arthur - Gabriel - Clayton - Declan - Matthew - Bennett

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    Cherished top 10:
    Seraphina, Evangeline, Isabelle, Aurelia, Valentina, Violetta, Rosalind, Vanessa, Catalina, Helena
    Leon, Felix, Gabriel, Magnus, Caspian, Edmund, Cedric, James, Gideon, Francis

    Latest crush:
    Clarissa Winter

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