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    Sibset help needed!

    Tl;dr: need suggestions on baby names for #3, siblings are boys, Connor and Corin (prefer no more “c” or c sounding names)

    We’re having baby #3 and don’t know yet if it’s a boy or girl, but will be finding out soon. Hubby is impossible to pick names with so I’m trying to get a head start to have several suggestions ready once we find out! We have two boys already, Connor and Corin. We love Irish/English origin names (obviously) and would prefer them to not to be super common. (I realize Connor is fairly common but we’ve both never even met a Connor before.)
    We don’t really want to follow the “C” trend, those just happened to be the only names we could agree on for our boys!
    Hubby likes Kira for a girl (though it has the same first sound which I’m not crazy about either), I like Isla.
    We have no clue if it’s another boy! I love Finley (nn Finn), he’s iffy on it. Some other names I like but he has shot down:


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    Isaac stands out to me for a boy name for you. Similar in sound to Isla with the hard C sound you have for your other boys and your husband’s girl choice.

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    I agree isaac!
    Isla is great too!

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