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    Which of our final 5 is your favourite?

    Still on the hunt for a girls name, our boys name has long been settled on as William Kye. We have had many girls names but because there are just so many that we love its almost impossible to settle on one.

    Here is our list so far, thank you to everyone for helping us narrow it down.

    Maisie Kate (still debating on if the legal name would be Margaret)
    Polly Isabella
    Charlotte Eve
    Violet Jane / June
    Matilda Rose

    Which is your favorite and why, what would be best for when she grew up etc?

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    As for which would be the best for a grown woman, I think all of them! Nickname names are such a trend right now that in 20 years it'll be nothing out of the ordinary for an adult woman to be named Winnie or Elsie or Polly.
    That said, my favorites are Maisie Kate and Polly Isabella!
    For Maisie Kate, I love Maisie's sweet sound! I'd go for Margaret Kate instead of Maisie Kate just so she has more nickname options, but both work!
    Polly is adorable and very underused, unique yet recognizable. And Isabella works well with it.
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    Oh I really think all the names are sweet, cute and lovely

    Maisie Kate really jumped out at me. I like it’s sweet, spunky cuteness. I prefer Maisie over Margaret. I also love the first name Violet. I’m biased though since I have a baby violet I really like the combination of Matilda Rose. Those are my top 3 choices from your list!

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    Your list is so sweet, my favorite is Matilda Rose.
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    Oh wow, it's such a lovely list, it's so hard to choose!

    I love Maisie Kate. I also like Maisie on its own without a formal name. It's a sweet, friendly combo that I feel like you will have fun saying forever. If you do go with a formal name, have you considered Matilda Kate?
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