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    Quote Originally Posted by bb01jh View Post
    Bias Warning: I do not like nicknames as legal names and will always choose the more formal one when given the option.

    Favorite: Matilda Rose - I love this name. It is elegant, lovely, and very wearable. Also has a fantastic literary namesake and I love the nn Tilly. Rose sets it off perfectly.

    Second Favorite: Maisie (Margaret) Kate - I think Maisie is an adorable nickname. It definitely gives her more options if you name her Margaret, and that is something I'm always a fan of. Is there a reason you are thinking of naming her Margaret but aren't switching Kate to Katherine? I personally would like Katherine better as the middle name, but, well, see bias warning.

    Polly Isabella - Don't really like Polly as a given first name, especially when you have an elegant Isabella in the middle. Possible longer names that Polly is a nickname for if you are interested (not that my bias should matter for your choices ) Pollyanna, Penelope, Pauline, Mary (Apparently this is the historical full name attached Mary -> Molly -> Polly). Really, though, this name makes me think of Pollyanna, and I'm not a huge fan, so that colors my opinion of this name.

    Charlotte Eve - I'm not sure why I'm not a fan of this, but maybe it has to do with that Charlotte to me is a classic frilly name, and Eve is more of a sweet simple name, so their styles clash.

    Violet Jane - Style clash again here, I think, for me. Violet is a more elegant and lovely name, Jane definitely comes off as plain and even more so when put together with a name like Violet.

    Good luck in choosing!

    Wouldn't make Kate Katherine as we prefer quick one syllable names most of the time, hense the Rose,Jane,Eve etc.. If you know of any nice one syllable middle names that would go with it that would be lovely to hear as we havn't really considerd anything else with it

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    Getting to one is tough since all five names are wonderful. I would have to start by eliminating the names that I think are just a tad too popular theses days--Violet, Charlotte, and Matilda.
    So, Polly Isabella or Maisie Kate? Polly Isabella!

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    It was a hard decision, but I think I’ll go with Matilda Rose. Perfect balance of strength, sweetness, class, and spunky, and I love how the combo is uncommon enough that it stands out but familiar enough that it doesn’t seem weird.

    I also love Maisie Kate and Violet Jane.
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    Charlotte Eve is my favourite! It has such a beautiful sound that the clashing -e in the combo doesn't come to my attention.
    Matilda Rose and Maisie Kate are my next favourites.
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    My favorite is Polly Isabella! I do prefer Maisie over Margaret though.

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