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    Another vote for Maisie Kate! I think using Margaret as a full name is a wise choice though, just to give her more options for the future. But Maisie is lovely and Maisie Kate is an adorable combo

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    My favourite is Matilda Rose. Matilda was my favourite out of the first names and I think that the combo is sweet, pretty and flows well.
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    Bias Warning: I do not like nicknames as legal names and will always choose the more formal one when given the option.

    Favorite: Matilda Rose - I love this name. It is elegant, lovely, and very wearable. Also has a fantastic literary namesake and I love the nn Tilly. Rose sets it off perfectly.

    Second Favorite: Maisie (Margaret) Kate - I think Maisie is an adorable nickname. It definitely gives her more options if you name her Margaret, and that is something I'm always a fan of. Is there a reason you are thinking of naming her Margaret but aren't switching Kate to Katherine? I personally would like Katherine better as the middle name, but, well, see bias warning.

    Polly Isabella - Don't really like Polly as a given first name, especially when you have an elegant Isabella in the middle. Possible longer names that Polly is a nickname for if you are interested (not that my bias should matter for your choices ) Pollyanna, Penelope, Pauline, Mary (Apparently this is the historical full name attached Mary -> Molly -> Polly). Really, though, this name makes me think of Pollyanna, and I'm not a huge fan, so that colors my opinion of this name.

    Charlotte Eve - I'm not sure why I'm not a fan of this, but maybe it has to do with that Charlotte to me is a classic frilly name, and Eve is more of a sweet simple name, so their styles clash.

    Violet Jane - Style clash again here, I think, for me. Violet is a more elegant and lovely name, Jane definitely comes off as plain and even more so when put together with a name like Violet.

    Good luck in choosing!

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    Maisie Kate! I like Margaret Kate as well.
    Second favourite is Violet June
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    My favourites are Maisie / Margaret Kate and Matilda Rose
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