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    Eve's little sister is here!

    We're thrilled to announce Kit Penelope who joined us January 8th at 09:30am. She has dark hair and blue eyes, and big sister Eve Peregrine says she's her new favorite toy.

    Kit is named after the generations and generations of women called Catherine in my maternal family, including me and my mother Cathy.

    Her middle name came to us when we realized my Nanna's name Nell and my husband's great aunt's name Lola can be smooshed into one. Trumps any other name we could have thought of! We also like that both of our daughters have P middle names, and the subtle animal pattern we've started (Kit and Peregrine).

    We are really glad we could honor the important women in our lives with other little girl's name.

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    Congratulations! Kit is a beautiful choice.
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    Congratulations! Kit and Eve is such a sweet sibling set
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    Congratulations. The names Kit and Eve are adorable!

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    Congratulations. Kit and Eve is a great sibset!
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