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Thread: The Name Johan

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    The Name Johan

    I considered Jonas and Jonah first. I preferred Jonas more but the S lettered last name didn't flow well with it, and Jonah is too soft for the sound I am looking for. Anyways I dig the sound of Johan. Question is, is it too odd for an American boy? Would you know how to pronounce it? How does it sound paired with potential middle names Johan Daniel or Johan Emerson "Jem"? All responses appreciated!
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    Not sure about a US kid, but it’d work in Oz, though probably get a few using J to say it instead of Y first go. I like it! It’s smart. Yohan, Rohan or Ronan might be other options.
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    I come from a Dutch speaking background would say Yo-han. I have lived in various parts of the US. In New England, I think you would get mostly Yo han, but I grew up in West Virginia, in that area you would definitely get more Jo-han. As far as it working, I think it would work great!! Even if people mispronounced it at first, it would be an easy correction. I much much prefer the YoHan pronunciation, but either would work in the US. Its a nice update to the classic John, and trendy Jack.

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    I love German names so Johan has always been on my radar, especially because my dad's name is John. However, I would pronounce it Yo-hahn and I think it would just be foreign to a lot of people. That being said, my husband's name is Klaus so we are used to correcting pronunciation and repeating the name for people who don't recognize it and it's not that bad
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    Johan is really handsome! I don't know about Americans but most Europeans I know are familiar with Johannes, so we'd be able to guess Johan is yo-hann. Still, it's not that hard correcting the people who might not get it. So I definitely find it usable.
    I love Jem so my vote goes to Johan Emerson.
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