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Thread: The Name Johan

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    I agree that for most northern Europeans the name Johan would probably be easy to pronounce/recognise. I am acutally surprised the name is ranked 501 in the US. But just FYI if think some Dutch people would immediatly draw some connection Johan Cruijff (a famous footballer (by this a mean soccer) from the Netherlands) partly because name is not really given to children anymore and was popular in the 1960s/70s-ish I think. Just think you might wanted to know
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    Quote Originally Posted by lightasafeather View Post
    I come from a Dutch speaking background would say Yo-han. I have lived in various parts of the US. In New England, I think you would get mostly Yo han, but I grew up in West Virginia, in that area you would definitely get more Jo-han. As far as it working, I think it would work great!! Even if people mispronounced it at first, it would be an easy correction. I much much prefer the YoHan pronunciation, but either would work in the US. Its a nice update to the classic John, and trendy Jack.
    I also would have said Yohan because Jonah in Hebrew is Yonah, the J letter doesn’t exist in Hebrew so it’s replaced with a y-ish sound. I think I lot of people would have trouble pronouncing this name.
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    Being familiar with this name I immediately said Yo-han, and as other people have said, it can be easily corrected. I once taught a boy called Javier, where the J is a H sound and I think that is more confusing than Johan in my opinion!
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    I'm in the US and I pronounce Johan as Yo-hahn.

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    I really like Johan and I don't find it hard to pronounce. I live in the UK and this name is fairly familiar here because of European celebrities (like Johan Cruyff). Even if people do mispronounce it, it's fairly easy to correct.

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    It’s a very handsome name and I would know how to pronounce it, but I think it would be a little strange on an American boy with American parents. It just doesn’t sound quite right with a US accent.
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