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    Thoughts on Kepler?

    My husband and I are really loving the name Kepler for #2. Its the first boy name we've found that both of us love so we're excited but I don't want to be hasty! Any downsides you can think of? It seems pretty easy to pronounce/spell to me. Anything I'm not thinking of?
    Secondly- our planned middle name for a boy was Johan (my husband's dad's middle name), but seems sort of funny to use that with Kepler as the astronomer was Johannes Kepler... thoughts?

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    I'm just not a fan, it doesn't sound like a first name to me. It isn't Horrible though, and I think you're right about ease of spelling/pronunciation.
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    One downside is that depending on your surname Kepler might be too surname-y. For example, if your surname was James, Kepler James would sound like a last name and then a first name. Also, the only obvious nickname is Kip which you might dislike.
    As for my personal opinion, I find it a bit too much of a surname to imagine as a first name, but everyone has different tastes.
    Kepler Johan could work, though some select few could assume you're big astronomy fans, which doesn't seem like the biggest issue to me.
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    I think it is fine and I like that it is uncommon, strong and masculine, but not weird, so I think it would be easy to wear. Because it is uncommon some people may take a short time to adjust to it as a first name but it is straight forward both as the name itself, and in the spelling. Kepler Johan flows very nicely. You have found a name you love so I think you should go with it!

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    Why anyone thinks "this surname name is too surnamey" is a helpful or worthwhile thing to say is beyond me. I think it's fine.

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