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    I know you said no nns but sorry
    Jane - Usable but slightly boring imo
    Adelaide - love, cute but still wearable as an adult - Ada, Adi, Del, Di
    Louise - Nice, usable though I prefer Louisa - Lou
    Susannah - Its ok but feels very dated - Su, Susi, Suki, Sana
    Mabel - See Adelaide - May, Belle
    Frances - Nice, nms (Prefer Francesca) - Fran, Frankie
    Beatrix - Lovely, see Adelaide - Bea, Trish, Trixie
    Emmeline - Nice, although pronunciation issues - Em, Emma, Millie, Lee, Lina
    Helena - Really nice, love the way it rolls off your tongue - Elle, Lena, Nellie
    Greta - Eh, nms and I will always think of Hansel & Gretel
    Cassandra - I honestly just think Trojan war - Cassie, Sandra
    Rowena - its ok, Prefer Rowan - Ro
    Lilith - Really pretty - Lily
    Minerva - *immediately thinks Harry Potter & Roman Mythology* - Minnie
    Isolde - Pretty, usable but uncommon - Issy, Di
    Artemis - Still usable and quite nice tbh - Arti,
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    Quote Originally Posted by marymerry123 View Post
    I'm having a hard time with this baby, in part because I am so afraid to give her a name she might think is weird or not like. My list of names ranges from Jane to Artemis so whatever I choose for this baby will set what her siblings will be named. I want her to have a name that is smart and strong and I will avoid nicknames unless otherwise stated. Here is my list of names ranging from most to least useable in my opinion. I like some more than others, but I want to see what you think of them first.

    Adelaide "Ada"
    Susannah "Maybe Susie as a baby/toddler"
    Emmeline (Emma-Leen) "Maybe Millie"
    Cassandra "Cassie"
    Lilith "Lily"
    Minerva "Minnie"
    All of these are wearable, with the exception of Artemis. While I personally like it, I think it might still be too “out there.” That being said, it is a nice legitimate name and there would be nothing wrong with choosing it.

    Aside from that, I really like most of your names. I would pronounce Emmeline like Emma-Lyn, and I wouldn’t personally use Mabel, Beatrix, Rowena, Lilith or Isolde, but again, there is nothing wrong with any of these. My favorites from your list are Jane, Adelaide, and Helena!

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    To me all the names are usable.

    My favourites are Frances, Beatrix, Rowena, Lilith and Minerva
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    I think they're all usable, though would class Lilith, Minerva, Isolde and Artemis as the bravest out of your list. My favourite from your choices is Emmeline (Millie is an adorable nickname option!).
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    I think they're all usable, though would class Lilith, Minerva, Isolde and Artemis as the bravest out of your list.
    I'm seconding this opinion by @adelina_sophia, however, my favorites from your list actually happen to be Artemis and Isolde.
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