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    I ordered them from most to least useable. Most of the changes I made were to lower some names that felt dated to me/I could only imagine on older adults, even though they are very familiar (like Jane, Susannah, Helena).

    Adelaide "Ada"
    Emmeline (Emma-Leen) "Maybe Millie"
    Cassandra "Cassie"
    Susannah "Maybe Susie as a baby/toddler"
    Lilith "Lily"
    Minerva "Minnie"
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    All of them seem perfectly usable to me, except for maybe Minerva and Artemis. I'm not saying they're unusable, but they're definitely very brave. That doesn't make them bad names.

    My favorites from your list are:

    Adelaide- I'd avoid a nickname though, or go with Addie
    Susannah - and Susie is very cute
    Lilith - but again without a nickname
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    Susannah is one of my faves. It's classic, timeless and not popular or trendy
    Emmeline is pretty and more original than Emily has more staying power than the trendy Emery & Emerson
    Greta, Minerva and Cassandra are nice too...unusual with out being unusual.

    Too old-fashioned for my taste:
    Adelaide "Ada"
    Lilith "Lily"

    Downright unattractive:
    Isolde - way out there
    Artemis - this is an old man's name
    Rowena - just doesn't roll right
    Mabel - I'll never understand its popularity. I think of common words like table, cable, label, sable, enable, unable, fable. You could almost make a phrase: Mabel was unable to set the table...she forgot to disable the cable attached to her sable.

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    If you're worried, I think I would go for something traditional for the first name and more out there for the middle. Like Jane Artemis for instance, that way you could have the best of both worlds and she could use either name as suits her personality.

    I love your list so made some sibsets with it! I think my favorites are Louise Emmeline and Frances Adelaide.

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    I vote for Helena and Emmeline. I'm biased, they are both on my own list!
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