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  • Theodora Faye

    28 59.57%
  • Theodora Leni

    6 12.77%
  • Frances Leni nn Frankie

    5 10.64%
  • Eleanor Frances nn Leni

    8 17.02%
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    Thoughts on Theodora

    Hi all,

    I posted recently asking for thoughts on my girls names and got a great response. I am pregnant with baby #2 and are unsure if we are going to find out the gender yet so looking at both girl and boy names. We have a daughter, Elsie Isabelle. She was named after my great grandmother and therefore we want to name this baby after my husbands side of the family. (I love the idea of our children having a family name)

    I have been going through so many names lately and none are really jumping out at me. We have both said that we like Theodore John for a boy with the option of Teddy as a nickname (although not locked in as we haven't actually had a proper baby name chat, my husband wants to wait until I'm at least half way) My husband's granddad's name was Edward however he went by Ted. Would it be weird to name our girl Theodora with the same nn Teddy? This will be our last baby so there's no saving a name for next time. Her full name will be Theodora Faye or Theodora Leni.

    Other options I have been thinking are
    Frances Leni nn Frankie - husband's nan's middle name is Frances and granddad's nn Lenny.
    Eleanor Frances nn Leni - as above

    Naming babies is definitely a hard job! Please share all opinions good and bad!

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    Theodora is such a beautiful name! And I love how it's meaningful to you. I don't think it'd be weird at all to call her Teddy, people do things like this all the time! If you want there to be a small difference you could spell it Teddie.
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    Theodora Faye is gorgeous and Teddy is a sweet nickname. I like Theo too.
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    I voted for Theodora Leni. Leni was in three of the four options, so I felt it was very important to you and that you should use it even if Faye seems to be more popular. I also love Theodora with the nickname Teddy! Teddy is adorable for a girl, and is a great sister for Elsie.

    Would you consider Theodora Frances? That would be a gorgeous option!

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    Thea is also a cute nickname for Theodora, though I've always liked the spelling of Theadora which matches that nickname better.

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    I voted Eleanor Frances nn Leni before I saw your daughter is Elsie.
    I think my second choice is Fances Leni, Theodora Faye very close behind.
    I love the nn Leni, I prefer it as a nn to Lenora or Lenore
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    Eleanor Frances is my favourite and I like Leni as a nickname for Eleanor, and it's also a nice way of honouring your husband's family.
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    I find Elsie and Eleanor a bit too close. I think it would be totally fine to go with Theodora nn. Teddy with a Ted in the family. I recently read and watched The Haunting of Hill House and two of the main characters are Eleanor and Theodora, she goes by Theo which I liked as well. Theodora Faye is really pretty and unexpected.
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    Thanks everyone for voting and your thoughts. Theodora Faye is definitely a front runner for me at the moment and I'll keep Frances Leni on the list too. I have a few other names that I like with only using the middle name as a family name so I'm sure I'll be back again asking more questions. Thanks again for your help! :smile:

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    I love Frances Leni (prob nn Franny) or Helena or Lenora Frances nn Leni (bc Eleanor and Elsie too close as others have said). Good luck!
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