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    Freya or Freyja?

    Do you like Freya or Freyja better? And do you like the name at all?

    I like the meaning of the name (noblewoman), the Scandinavian origin, and that it could honor someone with the last name Frasier.
    I'm hesitant because, to me, it's one of those names that you see online, but would be hard to find "in the real world." (like Thomasina or Amaryllis) And the Freyja spelling only adds to that.

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    I'd go with Freya - it's the one I'd guess instinctively.

    I like Freya and I think it's very usable. I've met a number in real life and I'm not sure where you are, but Freya is currently 20 in the UK.
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    Freya! I simply think Freyja is too complicated outside of Island, in Sweden they prefer simply Freja.
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    I love the Freyja spelling but I don’t know how well it would work in the United States (where I live). On the one hand, some people on here are fairly certain that Americans would know to not pronounce the J but I’ve also asked a few friends to say “Lilja” and all said the J so... I still really like the Freya spelling, I just have a GP crush on Freyja.

    I really like the name, and it’s one that’s grown on me throughout the years. It’s the name of one of my main characters, so I’m a bit biased. Her name is spelled Freya because I wanted it to be as straightforward as possible.
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    I've seen both the Freya and Freja spellings, and I like them both. Freyja seems like a made-up name, like someone couldn't decide which spelling they liked better, so they went with both. It makes me want to say Fray-JAH which just sounds weird. I think the name is rather pretty, just not with both a Y and a J thrown in there.
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