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    Question Would you use the name Noah?

    So I think we've whittled down our top names to either Noah or Easton. I love both the names but both have their pros and cons...

    Noah - Super popular in the UK & the US, I think it's even in the top 5 name lists for both countries. It makes me reluctant to use it as it's been so popular for years & shows no signs of dropping in the charts.

    Easton - Not common in the UK at all but it seems to be a love or hate it kind of name? I get a lot of mixed reactions when I run it by people/read up on forums about it. It's hard not to let the negative feedback affect our decision...

    I really love both names though despite the cons... it's so hard! My son's names are Fin & Parker (apologies I've posted here quite recently with our full list).

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    I would use Easton - which I do like but am slightly hesitant for some reason - or another name like it, Westin, Ethan, Cormac, Baylor, Nolan,* Everett, Emmett or Landon. For me, Noah isn’t just popular, it is not hefty enough. I like softer names like Jasper, Silas, Declan and Marcel, but I find Noah is in the mouth / easy to swallow up. It does go with the other names though as a nice balance. I wouldn’t worry too much about people’s reactions (if they’re just a matter of taste more than a legit reason) since they’ll change anyway once they meet your son with the name. I think Easton is the name unless one really knocks it off perch!

    *Nolan is a mix of both!
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    Noah for me! Easton isn't my cup of tea and I like the ring of Noah, Fin and Parker better than Noah, Fin and Easton. I think it's better to use a popular name you love than to use a more unusual name you only like or are okay with. Popularity shouldn't be a massive deal breaker when it comes to names IMO.
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    They both have their pros and cons.
    I'm not a fan of Noah. Like you said, it's crazy popular at the moment and I personally dislike the obvious religious connection.
    Easton is not my style as I'm not into trendy names. However, I think I think it works really well with your other sons' names and I like that it's a bit more unique. The important thing is that you like the name. Have you thought about other -on names like Harrison, Lennon, Orion, Leon, Solomon, Deacon? Good luck!
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    I vastly prefer Noah, I think it just sounds a lot nicer.

    Easton is ok, but I think Noah is a nicer name and I think the name Easton in the UK does have a love/hate reaction. Easton feels very American in style, whereas Noah is more universal.
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