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    I'm a Noah fan and Easton makes me think of a Bristol suburb, sorry! I think Noah is great as part of the sib set too!

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    I'd go with Noah, despite it's popularity. I don't really mind how popular a name is, and I think if you love it, you should use it.
    I don't mind Easton, but I can't say I like it either. I suppose most people would have a love or hate reaction, and if that bothers you I'd avoid a name like Easton.
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    Noah, definitely. You may regret not using it, despite its popularity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eloiset View Post
    I would use Easton - which I do like but am slightly hesitant for some reason - or another name like it, Westin, Ethan, Cormac, Baylor, Nolan,* Everett, Emmett or Landon. For me, Noah isn’t just popular, it is not hefty enough. I like softer names like Jasper, Silas, Declan and Marcel, but I find Noah is in the mouth / easy to swallow up. It does go with the other names though as a nice balance. I wouldn’t worry too much about people’s reactions (if they’re just a matter of taste more than a legit reason) since they’ll change anyway once they meet your son with the name. I think Easton is the name unless one really knocks it off perch!

    *Nolan is a mix of both!
    Thank you for your great suggestions! All of those are names I would favourite - I know a couple of Ethan's already but if I didn't that would have been a strong contender too. I've decided against Noah now and now dithering between Easton & Leon? Which is also a bit different but perhaps not quite as 'trendy' sounding... So tricky third time round.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scillyellie View Post
    I'm a Noah fan and Easton makes me think of a Bristol suburb, sorry! I think Noah is great as part of the sib set too!

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    Haha I think Easton does seem to be a popular town name, which I don't mind. Easton is also a big sports brand in the states apparently.

    We're also considering Leon now, which I think has a similar ring to it but perhaps not as 'trendy' sounding which I was worried about x

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