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    Meaning of Brida

    Can anyone tell me what the name Brida (pronounced: Bree-duh) for a girl means? I want to know the origin as well. The name is not a Nameberry name and my reasearch of it has not given me any definite answers. I read that it could be either German, Irish, Celtic, Gaelic, or Scandinavian. TIA

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    When I saw the name Brida my first thought was it's a short form of the Scandinavian Brigida, in which case it means "high, mighty" or "strength".
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    The origins you listed are basically all correct. Brida is a variant of Bridget/Brighid/Brid which would also have been pronounced BREED and the 'a' would have just been added as a variation or diminutive. At its root it is a Celtic name and if you do a quick search for Celtic territory you'll see why you get all those answers and why they are correct under the umbrella of Celtic, although I think the Scandinavian usage is a later development. I can tell you that Brida is not a new variation. Looking through some genealogy records, I've found examples of Bridas as far back as the 11th century AD. Some Bridas born in the last couple hundred years were from various places including Ireland, but all of the earliest examples I've found from several hundred years ago were in the Germany/Switzerland area. I would guess that this spelling originated there. All the name meaning information will be the same as for Bridget.

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    Thank you for your replies, I heard the name on a Netflix show and thought it was so pretty. I love the meaning and origin of it. Thanks again!

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