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    Help with our list, please!!!

    So here is our name list for kid three. Kid one is Rockford (Rocky), and kid two is Rosemary (Rosie). Please help us out!!


    Remington - love this name, but will people think we're gun nuts?

    Roderick - trying too hard?

    Russell - sounds snuggly to me, but is it too dated?


    Rayna - new on our list - thoughts?

    Ruby - we already know two; is this one too popular?

    Rowan - too similar to our first two?

    Raven - we love this one, but is it too gothic?

    Thank you!!! Please share your faves of these and honest thoughts

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    Love your kids names!

    Remington - I really like Remington and I think Remy fits with your other kids nicknames. For me it sounds more like a surname name like Rockford than a gun name, but then I'm in the UK so I'm not sure how associated it is with guns where you are.

    Roderick - I don't hate it but it isn't my favourite. I also think it's a little similar to Rocky

    Russell - I really like Russell - I don't think it's too dated. I'd say it has a similar feel to Rosemary

    Rayna - it's quite nice. I like the sounds

    Ruby - I love Ruby, but it is considerably more popular than the other kids names. I think you have to decide whether that bothers you or not

    Rowan - I think the 'Ro' sounds being repeated would bother me a little, sorry

    Raven - I don't think it's too gothic. I think it fits in with other animal names atm, like Robin, Wren, Fox etc. I knew one and it worked well for them

    I think my favourites are between Russell and Remington for a boy (maybe with Remington winning just slightly) and Raven for a girl
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    More names!

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    Remington - Remington's alright. It does feel very 2019, but if that doesn't bother you then why not. Nickname Remy sounds distinctive enough as a sibling to Rosie and Rocky.

    Roderick - Not trying too hard, but too similar to your son's name.

    Russell - My favorite, I really like Russell. It doesn't strike me as dated and it has nice nicknames!

    Rayna - Love this! It's a beautiful name that doesnt't get lost between Rockford and Rosemary.

    Ruby - It's not too popular right now, but if I had to guess I'd say that it's going to become more popular in the years to come. It still works with your kids' names but I personally prefer the more unique Rayna.

    Rowan - A bit too close, unless you were to call her Annie. The only other obvious nicknames are Ro and Ronnie which I don't think work with Rosie and Rocky. I like the name though!

    Raven - Not sure why, but this one feels kinda dated to me. Not that gothic, if she grows up and decides it sounds too gothic for her she could go by Rae or Ren.

    Are you looking for suggestions? Romilly, Roxanna, Rowena, Rhea, Rhiannon, Ruth, Rhys, Ralph, Rhodes, Rufus, Reuben/Ruben, Rainer, Ronan, Rupert, River, Robin, Raphael and Rafferty come to mind.
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    Roderick sounds close to Rocky so don't do that. Russell reminds me of a dog. Remington is just plain awful. Reuben is better.

    I like Ruby, it fits with the theme for Rosemary. Raven works too I guess. I suggest Regina or Roxanne.

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    Thank you, this was so helpful!! You've helped us narrow it down to Remington or Russel for a boy, Rayna or Raven for a girl

    ETA: Siblings are Rockford Theodore and Rosemary Courage.

    Full combos for the new baby would be:

    Raven Estelle (we got married in Estes Park)
    Rayna Cordelia
    Russell Thomas
    Remington James

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