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Thread: Skyler?

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    What do you think about Skyler on a boy? Does it sound too childish? Trendy? I've noticed many comment on it being more of a girl's name (which I'm not overly concerned about) and that it doesn't age well. I sort of love the name, but I'm not fully settled. Any suggestions for other names that could be another option?

    I'm also worried there doesn't seem to be many names which complement Skyler. Maybe trendier names? But even then I'm normally not too fond of them. Do you have any suggestions of any sibling names which go well with Skyler? Either boy or girl.

    Any help is much appreciated!
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    I like Skyler for any gender, I think it sounds nice and I don't think it's too 'trendy'. If anything I feel like it's been around for long enough that I no longer see it as a trend.

    Personally I don't believe that names 'age badly' anyway, I've seen people say that names like Freddie and Poppy won't age well etc. and I know loads of grown-ups with those names. The child will age so the name will age.

    From your signature, I think Skyler works quite well with: Flynn, Elliot, Felix, Daisy and Willow (and more, but these are the ones I like best with Skyler).
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    This is an unpopular opinion it seems, but I really love Skyler for a boy. It would be in my top favorites if everyone around me hadn't reacted so poorly when I brought it up. I also love the nickname Sky. I say you should use it if you love it. I've seen adults with the name who wear it perfectly well!

    Regarding pairings, I agree with all the names @maerad mentioned.
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    I do envision a girl with the name Skyler but that doesn't matter.
    I think quite a few of your other names go with Skyler - Asher, Milo, Levi, Willow, Daisy, Hazel
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    Skyler is a great name on any gender. I think some people consider it dated because it was somewhat popular in the late 90s but really I don't think it was trendy enough to be dated. The -er endings are fairly popular right now, I think a Skyler would be refreshing on the playground among the currently more trendy Ashers and Wilders.

    And honestly I think Skyler works well with many of the names on your lists!
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