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    I love Jameson Rhodes! With either name you also have the option of Jamie as a nn.

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    Initially I thought Jameson Rhodes flowed better, but having considered more, I think I prefer James Rhodes and using Rhodes. James to me is just that bit more refined perhaps than Jameson

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    I prefer James to Jameson, but James Rhodes doesn't flow the best. However, I doubt you'll be saying his full name super frequently.
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    There's a little part of me that always thinks whiskey when I hear Jameson, but I like it anyway, and Jameson flows better with Rhodes. I love how the names (of both your son and daughter) are honor names, yet still unique.

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    I feel like Jameson Rhodes flows better and I also like that he would have his "own" name while also still following in tradition. I love both James and Rhodes a lot though!
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