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    Jameson Rhodes vs. James Rhodes

    My husband and I are expecting our second child, a brother for sibling Sloane Rosemarie. My husband is a James (who goes by Jimmy) and his father (Jim) and both grandfathers are also named James. My husband has his heart set on a namesake of James, or one associated with James. However, he would not want to call the child James and I would not like to call him Jimmy or Jim. So, after a lot of discussion, we have arrived at two choices: Jameson Rhodes or James Rhodes (and calling him Rhodes or J.R.). Rhodes is an ode to the "Rose" middle name in my family as it means "where roses grow" (my middle name is Rose, after my grandmother, all of my female cousins share the same middle name and my daughter's middle name is a combination of mine and my mother's middle names). We truly like both options equally. Thoughts?

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    I like James better than Jameson, but I think Jameson sounds better with Rhodes--which I absolutely love. I love the idea of calling him Rhodes.
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    Jameson Rhodes is so handsome!

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    I like both - prefer James generally but really like Jameson in this context. Would also depend on last name - eg wouldn’t do James Rhodes if you’ve a one syllable last name. I’d spare a though to whether the Cecil Rhodes connection could be an issue - might not be but at worth considering. I personally like Rose or Roses for a boy mn, but might not appeal - perhaps another name for Rose if Cecil Rhodes association is at all relevant and off putting.
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    I like the flow of Jameson Rhodes better than James Rhodes, and love that then both names are directly related to honour names but deviate slightly.
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    I love the flow of Jameson Rhodes! Both are nice though, and I love the connection with Rose. I think I’d go with whichever goes better with your last name!

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    Jameson fits better stylistically with big sister Sloane.

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    Jameson Rhodes is a beautiful combo with a better flow and more substance than James Rhodes IMO!
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    I prefer James over Jameson, but given the number of Jameses in your family I think Jameson is the better option. Mix it up a bit.

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    Jameson Rhodes is beyond handsome!

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