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Thread: Our list

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    Our list

    As we are now well and truly TTC, I asked SO to come up with a list of names for each gender. We then went over his list and mine, and I came up with a top six for each gender of names we can agree on. I'd like your opinion on these names; you can comment on all of them or just tell me which ones you like best. Right now, our list looks like this:


    Elishva (Assyrian variant of Elisabeth, SO has Assyrian heritage)
    Magdalena (I suppose this needs a nickname, and we can't agree on one)


    Vincent (definitely our top runner right now)
    Addai (also Assyrian)
    Mother to Hjörtur Emmanuel

    Vincent Abraham * Magnus Flórent * Johannes Ephraim * Alfred Ashur * Ezri Merkúr

    Ísrún Emilia * Elishva Johanna * Sumarlína Rós * Edda Lilitu * Magdalene Roza * Greta Nineveh

    Dov * Baltasar * Addai * Ari * Zohar
    Hildur * Lotta * Aramina * Vaka * Undine

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    Some great names here-- you've got a solid start!

    Elishva (Assyrian variant of Elisabeth, SO has Assyrian heritage) - very nice variant with some cute nn potential!
    Greta - Like-- also Gretel or Gretchen if you want to use a longer name.
    Magdalena (I suppose this needs a nickname, and we can't agree on one) - I like Lena best as a nn, but Dale, Dala, Magda, etc. are nice too.
    Aramina - nice, I like Araminta better
    Karolina - classic and elegant
    Nineveh - Not my favorite-- maybe Nina, Nieve, Niamh, Nadia, or Noor instead?


    Vincent (definitely our top runner right now) - Love!
    Dov - Nice!
    Addai (also Assyrian) - Works well with sibset
    Baltasar - Great name!
    Magnus - Like!
    Johannes - Nice John variant - I like it with your combo in your signature - Petur Johannes

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    I really like Elishva, Greta, Magdalena (Lena, Meg, Maggie, Dell) and Karolina (I'm a Carolina) for girls and Vincent (LOVE it!), Baltasar and Magnus for a boy!

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    I love Magdalena and Greta! Magdalena is unique and beautiful and Greta so sweet! Some Magdalena nicknames are Maggie, Mae, Dally, Lena, Lennie and Enna. I also like Karolina, I'm guessing this is the most common spelling where you're from. Really cute choice!
    For boys, Vincent, Magnus and Johannes are my favorites with Vincent coming on top. I can see why it's your top runner, it's an incredibly handsome name!
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    I love Elishva, Magdalena and Aramina - Aramina is probably my fave - I love the sounds and flow

    I also like Vincent, Magnus and Addai!
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    Thinking about...
    Jovie Tallulah|Percy Hugo|Ira Finley|Juno Savannah
    Saoirse Elodie|Amabel Lola|Rafferty Callum|Kit Sylvan

    More names!

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