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    I'm thrilled to announce the birth of Ivan Melchior, born on Boxing Day at 08:45 am, little brother to Una Rosemary, Mariam Tabitha and Lola Amal.

    Ivan has always been our top contender but we were second guessing our choice a lot during the pregnancy and went in thinking we'd pick either Basil or Ariel. However, the moment we first looked at him we just knew he was an Ivan!

    We love that Ivan is a Russian name because we have some ties to Russia and love Russian literature - Ivan Karamazov actually happens to be one of my favorite characters! Melchior we chose at my Christian husband's suggestion and it seemed very fitting for a Christmas baby.

    Ivan is a dream and his big sisters absolutely adore him! He's the first grandson on both sides, after lots of girls, so we're sure he will be spoiled rotten!

    ~ Layla
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    Congratulations on your little boy! I’m glad that you stuck with your first love and that his name has so much meaning for you.

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    Congrats! Your children all have gorgeous names and Ivan fits in perfectly!
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    Love his name, congrats
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    Ivan Melchoir is stunning, just as your other children's names arw! Congratulations
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