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    I don't think buying a house HAS to be a priority, if your living arrangement is suitable for children and you would feel ok with waiting to buy a house. What I would recommend is not buying a house while already pregnant! The process of buying a house or moving while pregnant is doable but so so stressful. Either buy a house before, or after if you have your heart set on a timeline for when you would ideally be having your children I definitely think buying a house can wait.

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    I agree with @yuma on this! You know, we only actually moved to a house that we owned after my 4th baby was born. My husband and I, despite being avid gardening/park/nature lovers have always been urbanites (still are) and it scared us as hell to move to the suburbs. Before that, we lived in an apartment that we started out renting a while after our marriage and that with the years (and saving money) ended up buying for a lower price. Don't feel the rush to own property just because you're starting a family. Owning your own house is lovely, but isn't always the best option depending on your lifestyle and what you consider your quality of living. Paying for rent every month isn't as horrible as folks make it out to be, with a house you'd have a whole lot of taxes and mortgage to deal with!

    Do things slow and as your heart pleases. You may find your dream house now or you may not. You might find it before becoming a parent or you might find it a little (or much after) like I did... Relax and let things flow, don't try to force things!

    I would also like to add that the saying is absolutely true: "home is where the heart is". You can make a home anywhere!
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    I think it depends on your situation. If you are planning to move house soon, I would wait before having the baby. If you could be renting for several years, in a stable house, then go ahead. My brother started sleeping through the night just before my parents moved house when he was 18 months. Then he didn’t sleep until I was born and he was 3. Living with a young child is not ideal, but if it might be 2/3+ years before you buy a house, have your baby.
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    House first! We currently own our own home but want to move before we have children. We already decided to wait until we are married to start trying for a baby but recently we made the decision to move into a bigger house in a better area so that we felt more secure. I think you need to have the stability of having your own house and space for a baby so in my opinion yeah I would say house first😊
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