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    Well, I don't have a baby yet and I know that everyone has their own circumstances and so on, so take what I say with a grain of salt.

    When we got married, we moved into an apartment, which is where we started TTC. Don't get me wrong, the apartment wasn't too bad in the ways of apartments. Two small bedrooms, a big living room, a bathtub (makes bathing little ones easier)... however, looking back, we are extremely thankful and lucky that we didn't get pregnant and bring a baby home to that place. There were huge cracks in the ceiling, the landlord was a bit slow to get things done, we had to beg to do simple improvements, the neighbors below us (duplex) weren't great, and so on. Beyond that, it was nearly impossible for us to save up for a little family because our rent was going into the guy's pocket. It wasn't like we were paying down a mortgage, working towards the place truly being ours. Additionally, moving was stressful enough. I absolutely am thankful we didn't have to do that with me being pregnant, or with an infant, or with a toddler. It was hellish enough with just us and our cat!

    We've helped our good friends move twice. They have 3 kids, who were ages newborn-3 the first move and infant-4 this last time. It was really hard to manage. Keeping them out of the way, while keeping them close enough to watch, having to stop them from grabbing stuff, having to make extra trips because of the carseats taking up room, etc. was absolutely ridiculous. The environment was stressful on them, too, because they are too little to understand why they were leaving the place they knew as home. Unless you have family or can find a sitter to watch the little ones while you pack and move, it's just added stress.

    All in all, I'm beyond thankful that my husband and I will one day be bringing a baby home to our actual home. I'm thankful that we can put our money towards our house, not towards a landlord's vacation fund. I can plan my nursery how I want. We can put a fence up outside. We can make other improvements to make our house safer for the baby. Yeah, there's a bit more in the way of expenses, but it is worth it.

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    We are currently renting a three bedroom townhouse, and I'm expecting our first baby next month. We have the downpayment saved up, however we relocated interstate a few weeks ago and wanted to rent in the area first to get an idea of where to buy. We did move into a new place though before baby, and that has been nice for nesting/cleaning etc.

    We are anticipating buying and moving into our first home when baby is around 5 months. It wasn't a must for us to buy beforehand, probably because we know it is in the near future and that we have the savings ready to go.
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    We lived in a 1 bedroom apartment until #1 was a year old and then moved into a 2 bedroom. Now we have 2 little kids in the 2 bedroom apartment. It works fine for us and it's easy to clean a small space.

    The one big thing - I'm glad we don't have neighbors directly above or below us any more (our apartment now is single story) for my own peace of mind not having to worry about disturbing the nieghbors if our kids wake up crying in the night. And also it is nice we have a washer and dryer in unit because we do enjoy cloth diapering.

    Having kids is the best thing ever.. purposely waiting to TTC until buying a house is not for us
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    I would have the baby first. (I did have the baby first) I don't really understand what is so important about owning a house. (We bought our first house last year...and still, I don't understand why people are in such a hurry to own a house sometimes, especially if they don't plan on staying in it for several years.) The transactional costs of buying a home are significant. A lot of people I know in real life underestimate the closing costs on the house. They can be be as much as the down payment.

    Anyway, in my own life I value children far, far more than owning a home. So baby came first. The costs associated with birth/maternity leave can really vary. So I tackled that first so I had a better idea of what was left over for a down payment and closing costs. Plus, we got an idea of how much baby eats into our budget. Since down payment/closing costs + budget are affected by the baby and they are things that determine the price point when house shopping, it only makes sense in my mind to have the baby first.
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