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Thread: Faralith Garnet

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    Faralith Garnet

    My little Faralith decided to bless us a month early exactly as our surprise Christmas present. She was born at 6:17am December 12th.

    Her name has no special family connections. "I" simply wanted a name that would be as unique as mine was when I was born. It is an old Scottish name I found on this website. The original version on here is spelled Ferelith, but my husband liked the spelling better with a's. We pronounce it "Fara" like "Fair-ra" Farrah Fawcets name, and "Lith" like the ending of Lillith. It means True Sovereignty.

    Pulled apart "Fara" has several meanings: Beautiful, Traveler, Joy, fortune, glory, or pleasant.

    "Lith" as in stone or rock

    Middle name Garnet for the month of January when she was supposed to be born. I also have loved that name since I was in high school.

    -Arianna Elizabeth

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    Congratulations! Such a beautiful name.

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    How beautiful and truly one-of-a-kind! Congratulations, I hope you’ve enjoyed your first Christmas with your early present.
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    congrats! gorgeous and unique name!

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    UM hold up, this is totally crazy!! No joke. I named a character in the book I'm writing Faralith freaking Garnet. But totally thought I made Faralith up. Then I saw it Ferelith on the sight. Needless to say, I adore the name. It just sounds so magical to me. My mind is blown. But it's honestly AMAZING, and I love that you picked something so unique, but that sounds so stunning. I use the nn Fay. It's really such a great choice, congrats, also I honestly can't believe what I'm reading. What a coincidence... this is truly insane to me...
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    Beautiful choice! Congratulations!
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    That is truly amazing! I know most writers dont like to talk about their books before they are done writing them, but I would love to know a little about your character if possible. It would be something to share with her when she is older.

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    Congratulations! Such a beautiful name!
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    Congratulations! What a lovely Christmas present for you all
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    Congratulations on your Christmas surprise!

    Faralith Garnet is lovely and has such a renaissance feel to me.
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