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    Finally settled on a name! Opinions?

    It has taken DH and I 5 years of being together to finally come up with a boy name! This has been quite the journey and was stressing me out, hence the 'need' for a post 2019 may include more invasive fertility treatments and that is nerve-wracking, so I've felt like we should go into it with a name because that is the one thing we can control about our situation...

    We've settled on Judah Ebenezer!

    Judah was a name I've mulled around but we never really considered it on a serious level. Something about it feels perfect about it now, though. I like the soft strength, the -ah ending, and how it still feels like an old-fashioned name (despite the very similar Jude becoming a hit with many parents). According to NB, it means "praise." I won't get preachy, but we spent much of our infertility struggle thus far being bitter and in pain until we made the choice to approach our situation with joy and praise.

    Ebenezer is one that I've been trying to get DH to warm up to for quite awhile. He finally conceded that it would make a good middle name, so I'll take it lol. I know probably 100% of people think of Scrooge but that's fine. That's my favorite Christmas story ever and I love the redemptive story of the man. I didn't know this but it means "stone of help." The strength of that...the stability of that...means a lot. It is also a nod to my maiden name, which mean "stone" or "rock."

    We couldn't be more pleased with this combo and I really hope it doesn't change (side glance at DH). I don't think anyone could sway us from this combo but I really wanted to see what my fellow Berries thought about it. Opinions?

    Thanks and sorry about the book lol.

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    OMG FIVE YEARS?!?! You're probably relieved right now lol
    The name Judah Ebenezer goes perfectly perfect. It has a nice meaning and clearly means a lot to you two and I can feel that. Even though both of names aren't my cup of tea- even I had to admit they sound well.
    I really hope everything goes well with what's to come in 2019!

    I also love Bennett and Felicity, both really cute names!

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    I think it sounds lovely! They sound nice together, and it's a combo that seems trendy to me without being super popular. It has a nice vintage vibe!
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    It’s wonderful! I love all the meaning it has for you, and Judah is such a beautiful, peaceful, quietly cool name. Really lovely.

    Good luck! I really hope 2019 is your year, you truly more than deserve it.
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