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    What middle name for Anna?

    Hi, everyone!

    In case #4 is a girl, I’m set on Anna/Annie.

    For a middle name, though, I’m stumped.

    So far my favorite is Anna Caroline, which I love, but worry I’m missing a better option.

    If you have any ideas, please share!

    Can’t end in an -s sound and will join siblings...

    Jane Madeleine
    Henry Alexander
    Margaret Eleanor

    Thank you!

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    Anna Caroline is gorgeous! I say go for it. It is lovely with the sibling names. A few other ideas, just to make sure:

    Anna Claire
    Anna Therese
    Anna Charlotte
    Anna Jeanette
    Anna Catherine/Katherine
    Anna Cecilia
    Anna Josephine
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    Thank you! Also love Anna Josephine, but I mentioned it to my sister and she immediately said, “So she could be AJ.” And that was that!

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    I really like Anna Caroline! It goes very well with the sibling names as well.

    Some more suggestions:

    Anna Genevieve
    Anna Juliet
    Anna Penelope
    Anna Sophia
    Anna Victoria
    Anna Louise
    Anna Frances
    Anna Emmeline
    Anna Felicity
    Anna Florence
    Anna Cordelia
    Anna Rebecca
    Anna Elizabeth
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    Anna Caroline and Anna Josephine are absolutely beautiful, I love them. The idea of using "AJ" as a nickname is both cute and spunky, I like it!
    Congrats, and hope you settle on a combo you love
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