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    The Twins are Here!

    I'm thrilled to announce the birth of my precious baby boy twins Emery Scott and Auden Gray! They join big brothers Wren Calvin and Bryn Elliott.

    Although I was hoping for at least one baby girl (we waited until the day to find out their genders), I am excited to have four boys... a little scared, but really happy.

    In terms of their names, like with their older brothers, my husband and I chose first names we really loved and middle names that ran in our families.

    For example, with our oldest, Wren, my husband happened to be watching a bird documentary in the hospital and stumbled upon the name the day of Wren's birth. It honestly couldn't have been more perfect. Calvin is my husband's father's name AND my mother's maiden name, so in terms of honor names it couldn't get much better (also we really scored with such a great family name).

    For Bryn, we knew that we wanted to use a name starting with "B" to honor my father, who is named Bao. As I am half-Vietnamese, I felt like it was important to honor my father and his heritage, even with just the initial. My husband is Irish-American, and while we were panning through Irish name books we found Bryn and absolutely fell in love. Elliott is my husband's middle name.

    Now for the new babies. As I was certain I was having little girls, my husband and I hadn't really settled on baby boy names when we got to the hospital. However, I can't really say I was surprised when the boys were born (I'm just a mother of boys I guess). We had already decided we wanted Scott and Gray as the boys' middle names though, in honor of my maternal grandfather and my husband, who is named Graham, respectively.

    Like with our eldest boys', we wanted strong, yet gentle names for our twin sons. I had actually heard the name Emery for a little boy when I was watching the show "Fresh of the Boat," but hadn't really thought about it until I discovered we were having more sons. When I brought it up as a suggestion to my husband, he loved it a lot, and as I looked at Emery, I fell in love with the name and realized how much he suited it. With our little Auden, we didn't have any idea what name we wanted, although I decided I wanted an "A" name in honor of my mom, Anne. We sifted through name books up until our final day in the hospital, and honestly I was concerned our second little boy would remain nameless his entire life. However, when we found Auden, and saw that it meant "old friend," we realized it was perfect, because from the time he was born, our little Auden radiated a calm, old soul.

    I am so excited to watch these little guys grow up!

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    What great names! And how lucky your boys are to each have 3 best friends
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    Great news! Gorgeous, handsome and meaningful names. (Auden is an old fave of mine...)
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    Congratulations! They have wonderful names. I have twin boys as well. They are so much fun. I'm sure your older kids will love having two little brothers.
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    Congratulations! Your twin's names sound awesome together and are fantastic with your sibling set Love the story behind them, too.
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    All of your boys have such handsome and sweet names! I love how soft yet strong they all are. I also love the meaning behind them!
    Congratulations on your two new additions!!!
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    Congratulations, for twins and I really love all the names and its meanings as well. Be happy and so many blessing for your twins and your family.

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    Cair Paravel :)
    Congratulations! Emery and Auden are amazing--and I love your sons' names in general! Wren, Bryn, Emery, and Auden are fantastic together.
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    Congratulations!! What a handsome set!
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    Congratulations! I love that all of your boys' names are both soft and strong.
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