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    Just wondering but what name do you think the Prince of Wales will take when he becomes king, out of Charles, Philip, Arthur or George?
    This is how likely I think he will be:
    1) George (patron saint of England, many Kings before)
    2) Charles (although I and II weren't the best Kings, it would a lot easier to remember)
    3) Philip (not a British royal name and name of dad)
    4) Arthur (although I love this name, I don't think so, with the legend)

    Thank you

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    I think he would stick to Charles..he is kind of old lol but my second pick would be George due to his adorable grandson.

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    I think it would probably make more sense to still to Charles - now that the royals are everywhere in the news he's been widely known to everyone as Prince Charles, so I think it would be more weird to change it than it would've been in the 1900s/earlier because media about the royal family was less widespread.
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