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    Boys list

    So my list snowballed again. So I'm curious what you guys think. Are there any you'd get rid of? Are there any you really like? And do you think any of them would sound good with the middles in my description (there's a pronounciation guide if you aren't sure).

    Thank you!
    》Martha Kaye 》Ansley Ruth 》Etta Loren 》Gigi Eleanor 》
    》Leni Elisa 》Beth Lucinda 》Callie Juniper 》Oaklyn Estelle 》
    》Tayla Rosemary 》Erin Melody 》Landry Matilda 》Haven Clara 》
    》Story Evelyn 》 Kamri Hope 》Sterling Josephine 》Zelda Grace 》
    》Cassidy Opal 》Arden Lucille 》Rainey Sophia 》Scottie Ophelia 》
    》Baker Emmeline 》Holland Imogen 》Perry Anastasia 》Ellery June 》
    》Irene Haven 》Cecily Aurora 》Sheridan Lily 》Fallon Evangeline 》
    》Winslet Marie 》Merritt Amelia 》Blair Fiona 》

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    Hey! I responded to your girl list lol

    I love:
    Roscoe, but Calloway Asher sounds better
    Lennox Parker
    Shepherd Maxwell
    Ronan Everett
    Boston Maxwell

    Milo Hayes
    Theodore Jem
    Arthur Jennings
    Arrow Watson

    Dislike/Get rid of :
    Thatcher Davis
    Truman - keep Elias
    Sullivan-keep Knox
    Darcy Samson
    Chester- keep Owen
    Rigby Elijah
    Clayton- keep Shepherd


    Elias Dakari
    Knox Jabulani
    Owen Sifiso
    Shepherd Dalisto
    Atticus Thabo

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