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    Athena and Seraphina?

    Hello berries!

    We don't know yet whether or not we're going to have a third, but I like debating on what we'd call a third if we were to have one.
    Our top contenders for a girl are Petra and Kiara for a multitude of reasons that I won't bore you with here!
    While we like a lot of other --ena/--ina ending names but vetoed them all on the basis that they rhyme with Athena and felt that sounded too matchy.
    But the other day I was reading somewhere about someone contemplating Seraphina with the nickname Saffy and I kinda fell in love (I also love the potential tomboy nn Finn)
    I've been in love with Safira nn Saffy for a long time, but hubby just doesn't love Safira, try as he might, so I've accepted that that isn't going to happen. However he does love Seraphina! And with Seraphina I still get my Saffy
    We both love the His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman (Athena was almost called Lyra!) where there is a witch called Serafina Pekkala so that's our main association with the name.

    So, my question is; can we have an Athena and a Seraphina? Is it too sickeningly matchy or does it work?
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    It's not too matchy, and I think that if one sibling has a grand or unusual name so should the other in most cases (to avoid suspicion of favoritism). So, I think those two are a good pair! They do sound alike, but not overly alike (see Rowen and Owen, Cora and Nora, etc). The literary association is also cute for siblings.

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    I think they are cute together!

    Since they have a different number of syllables I dont find them too matchy at all
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    I think Athena and Seraphina sound lovely together. Definitely not too matchy.
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    I'm not a huge fan of them together. What about -

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