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Thread: Ttc 2019

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    Apr 2019

    TTC! New to this journey!

    Hi everyone, I've been scrolling through this thread all morning and finally built up the courage to join!

    My husband and I have been TTC since April of this year. So far we've only had two cycles of trying. I managed to fall pregnant in my first cycle, however had a chemical pregnancy unfortunately No luck last cycle, so I'm praying June will be our month!

    I'm really excited but also worried that I'll struggle to fall pregnant (I dont know why as we have only just started trying). I'm really hoping this journey is without complications, but just gotta be patient and believe it'll happen when the time is right!

    I have a question - is it better to have sex every day or every other day?


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    @namergirl3 CONGRATS!! I'm so happy for you! I had a feeling this would be your year! Have a happy and healthy pregnancy!

    I haven't been around here in a while, no news from me. I probably will make another OBGYN appointment soon, he wanted me to come in after 6 weeks of the last appointment but I kinda forgot.
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    Thank you, everyone it is still surreal but we are thrilled about this baby.

    mommy-to-be <3 Isla Rowan or Elim due Feb 2020 <3

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    Welcome @nadinemannah. As far as your question goes it really depends on your situation! I’ve mainly read that every other day is only necessary for those with sperm issues, so they have time to replenish, so just do whatever works for you!

    I am 13 DPO and was planning on testing this morning (I figured a positive test would be perfect for father’s day!), but AF showed up a day early instead. On to the next month...

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    Welcome @nadinemannah! I will cross my fingers for you that June is a lucky month :-)

    Well, I'm feeling positive about the Vitex as I am ovulating.. and its CD18! CD17 was my norm pre DS so basically back to normal, or for this cycle anyway! Praying that my ovulation will remain at this sensible time and I'll have a decent shot at getting pg each month as I must confess, my TWW's haven't really felt like TWW's because I've not really felt optimistic that I could be pregnant. Anyway, just had to share my ovulation news with everyone!

    Hope all are well <3

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