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Thread: Ttc 2019

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    Am I going mad!? Ok, I think I'm inventing symptoms I couldn't really be having 5 days PO because I got pg in June with my DS and always felt like I would get pg in June again, despite not being successful the last nine months of trying! I swear though since ovulation I am more tired and hungrier than usual (does this usually happen, I should pay more attention to my normal cycles!) But this morning I noticed two little bumps on my areola like the ones you get when you're pregnant... Maybe they're because my toddler still feeds off that side before bed though as it is that same side? What do you think?! Am I going mad or might I be in luck? Obviously waaaaay too early for a test, will wait until 14 days PO unless of course AF arrives first!

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    Hi, I have one clear blue digital test leftover from TTC last year. I don’t need it and it expires in February 2020. If you live in the U.K. and would like me to post the test to you, please PM me. First person to PM with their address, I’ll post the test ASAP xx
    Edit: have received a PM now. Good luck everyone with TTC xx
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    Alyssa, I'm so excited for you! I don't know if you remember me, I used to be easterbunny on here. I remember you were so supportive when we waited a year to conceive our little one, and were so happy for us when we did even though you were still waiting. I cannot describe how happy I am for you!

    Everyone else, I'm back! We had a little boy in January 2018, and have been trying to conceive baby #2 since October. Here's hoping it's soon.

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    Hello all, We have 4 kids and are TTC our 5th! I am currently 4 DPO and am hoping for the best!
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    This thread has been really quiet...

    @scillyellie did you ever test? or has AF showed up?

    @townsend2787 welcome and good luck!

    Well this is my SO and my last cycle TTC until November if we are not successful. Since I am only on my 3rd or 4th cycle back postpartum, my cycle hasnt 100% regulated yet which makes it hard to know when I ovulated and how many DPO I am. I did use OPKs but not regularly enough as I only have a few left and don't live somewhere where they are available so I wanted to save some for November in case we don't conceive this cycle. We tried our best to cover our bases with a wide range of potential ovulation dates. I am already anxious to test, but I am only 3-9 DPO. I feel like we have a good chance this month though.

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