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Thread: Ttc 2019

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    Ttc 2019

    It’s here Ladies!

    Welcome to everyone that’s new to the TTC game in 2019, and a fresh hello to those coming over from the previous thread.

    For the newbies, be aware and be courteous, some of the posters have been on this boat for longer than anyone wants.

    Good luck to everyone, I hope no one stays too long! Introduce yourself, when do you plan on starting?

    (Some quick abbreviations for those who don’t know —-
    TTC - Trying to Conceive
    TWW - Two Week Wait (Time between ovulation and anticipated menstruation)
    CD - Cycle Day
    DPO - Days past/post ovulation
    OPK - Ovulation Prediction Kit
    BFP/BFN - Big F(choose your F word) Positive/Negative)
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    Hey @kibby! Thanks for starting this group. I hope to not be in here long.

    To introduce myself to newbies, I have 2 kids (Konrad - *almost* 5 and Louisa - 2.5). Apparently I am unfortunately suffering from some secondary infertility. My first two came along on the first try and now we've been trying for over a year for #3, since October 2017.

    My husband and I have decided, since we already have two kids, not to use any medical intervention, so I am at the mercy of whatever happens naturally. Which is hard. Like, really hard. Anyway, I love this group and am hoping to be more active in it because I am really needing some encouragement lately. DH just doesn't get why I am upset and it's nice to have some support <3
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    Hi beautiful ladies!

    We may or may not be TTC this year. We have talked about starting after hubby finishes studying in July, but it's not a confirmed decision. This year has been busy and really hard (we had a big car crash *and* our house was broken into), so we are feeling pretty exhausted and burnt out. We might be looking at moving around April, so we might just focus on getting on track next year. We'll see. Part of me really wants a baby... part of me is just further exhausted by the thought...

    Wishing you all the best luck and baby dust! Xx
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    Thanks for starting the thread. I’m new to Nameberry and it felt so awkward to join the 2018 thread for the last few days of the year!

    I’m 31 and hubs and I have been trying for 2 years (1 year actively). We’re starting our first month of infertility txs and I’m both excited and terrified. Reading the forums and focusing on names has helped with some of my anxieties.

    I hope 2019 is the year for a lot of us! Seems like a lovely group

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    @mummacat92 - that does sound so stressful! I’m sorry! From what I hear, there’s no perfect time for a newborn. I hope things settle for you and you can make a decision you’re happy about!

    @meyera4 Maybe a checkup just to see if there’s anything obvious? Wouldn’t necessarily have to do any treatments. That does sound tough, glad you’ve found a place of support!

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