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Thread: Ttc 2019

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    @mariposa I'm so so so happy for you! That is amazing! I really hope this BFP is the one that gets you your baby!

    @namergirl, I always delay my testing too. Those are my PMS symptoms too so if I start getting really hungry I know AF is coming. Still hoping good things for you though! It's not over til you get AF!

    I have slightly exciting news. I didn't get clomid at the OBGYN, but he told me he thinks it's my thyroid that's causing me to have issues getting pregnant. Seems like my thyroid decides to work sometimes and not others. So I wait until I see the endocrinologist for any medsor treatment.

    The thing I was shocked and excited about is that we tested my progesterone today (CD23) and it's at 7.5! That means I probably ovulated!!! I know we DTD around the time I would've possibly ovulated so I could be pregnant right now. Maybe not, but this is the most hope I've had in years! I have been having very slight period-like cramping for the past few days. I don't want to read too far into it but it could be a pregnancy symptom! I'm going to test next Monday just for fun.
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    AF arrived today. I hope everyone else is doing well! Can't wait to see more good news on this thread <3

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    Hi all. I’m going to join this thread. My husband and I have decided to try for #2. We have a 3 year old daughter. I think we aren’t going to full on try this month because I wasn’t taking prenatal vitamins until this week. Plus if I got pregnant right away, the due date would be the same as it was for my daughter. 1 December birthday right before Christmas and the holiday season is pretty crazy already so I don’t want to intentionally add another birthday to the mix. So I think next month will be my first real month of trying. Good luck to you all!

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