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Thread: Ttc 2019

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    Good luck ladies! Hoping for lots of good news on this thread in the coming weeks and months.
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    Welcome ladies!!
    I don’t have time for individual responses, at work haha but thought I would do a quick intro.
    We started TTC back in September of 2017, we had three pregnancies in early 2018, two that ended before 6 weeks and one that ended at 12 weeks back in June. We aren’t actively trying to conceive as my body hasn’t cleared the hcg from the last pregnancy, and my doctor wants to run more tests regarding the recurrent miscarriages. So far everything checks out though so maybe we just had terrible luck. Right now I am just focusing on getting healthy and hope to be back on board by summer time.

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    We're crazy and going for our fifth next year. We originally weren't going to - but we want just one more. After our next, we are definitely done! We're currently NTNP but plan to start actively trying sometime after the New Year.

    We have a 7 year old, 5 year old, 3 year old and 1 year old. We're wanting a similar age gap again - we've always gone for a gap around 2 years.

    Fingers crossed for everyone!
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    I'll join you guys again now it's almost 2019. We're planning to start TTC in January.

    2018 has been a crazy year for me. I got divorced and started a new relationship, and we feel the time is right for a new addition to our family. I have a three year old son, Hjörtur, from my marriage. The new baby, if we're blessed with a son or daughter, will be the first child for SO.

    @amjmc: I love you children's names. What did you name your fourth baby? I'd love to have a big family too, which is a bit strange I didn't want any children before I got pregnant with Hjörtur. I don't know if I'd want five though, four seems perfect to me.
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    Hi all! I recognize most of you from the TTC 2018 thread. It's good to see you again, and nice to meet the new people. A quick intro: my partner and I have one son, Reuben, who is now a little over two years old. I'd hoped to get pregnant in 2018 but had health problems and some work/life balance issues to sort. Now, I'm healthy, and we've made some changes as a family, so we're feeling ready to grow soon. We have some travel plans for this winter, so we'll wait until the spring to start trying. Until then, we'll be "not trying not to" get pregnant. No stress! Best of luck to all of us in the new year.
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