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    Trans Masculine Non-Binary Name Help

    Hi! I'm trans masculine and non-binary, looking for a gender neutral name to use.

    I've gone through a handful of names over the past few years ever since realizing I'm trans, but I can never find a name to completely stick with. I am genderfluid, so I occasionally feel feminine so I don't want a name that's entirely masculine, but I want a gender neutral name. I don't mind names that are usually more associated with boys as long as it isn't a very strong sounding name. I like more soft, gentle names.

    One name that I used for a very long time is Kieran. I really like this name even up until now but it is not a name you ever hear where I live, so I can't use it without worrying about people taking me seriously. I would like a more common neutral name but not one that is overused like Alex, Sam or Aiden.

    I've considered the name Charlie and really like it as well but I associate the name with somebody else so I can't fully attach myself to the name.

    Another name I like is Ren but I find it too short to use on its own—if you can suggest longer names that Ren could be a nickname for that would be great!

    Names I have used before:

    I would deeply appreciate any help. Thank you!

    EDIT: Right now I am considering still using Kieran, then using Ren as a nickname since that is more useable for me.
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    Maybe Ronny or Reagan nn Ren.

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    Thank you! Those are good names. Right now I'm really leaning toward Ren so all suggestions for a long version for the name are welcome.

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    Are Aaron and Erin pronounced the same where you live? If so, that might be a good option for Ren. I've encountered Brennan on both boys and girls... but that might be perceived as exclusively masculine depending on where you are.

    Bailey and Taylor are very gender neutral in my age group (20-25). If you're looking for a few more ideas.
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    Rylen, Ryan or Raven could work as longer names for Ren.

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