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    I know a self-identified queer person who was named Warren at birth and now goes by Wren. I think if you want a name that's traditionally considered masculine but can easily shorten to a gender-neutral nickname, Warren, nn Wren/Ren works. I've also seen Ren offered as a nn for both the masculine names Lawrence/Lorenzo and the feminine name Lauren. Perhaps there's a pair of names you like that both work with the same gender-neutral nickname, and you could use any of the three, depending on how you identify that day? Fwiw, initials are always gender-neutral, and I find some initial-nicknames really charming!

    All that being said, I think Kieran flies as a gender-neutral name and it's common enough where I live (northeastern U.S.) that no one would raise an eyebrow if you introduced yourself as such.

    Best of luck! Re-naming oneself is a lot harder than we'd expect it to be, eh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chestnutcake View Post
    I live in the Philippines! Western names are common here but I've never seen anyone with Irish names here, unfortunately.

    It's a shame because I still really do love Kieran as a name and it feels so comfortable but I can't bring myself to use it in person. With friends and strangers online, it's not an issue, but locally, I worry about being judged.
    There’s also Kiran, which is an Indian name - no idea whether that would feel more appropriate living in the Philippines? Might not feel appropriate if you’re a Westerner either? But perhaps Kieran is less of a big deal if people are maybe familiar with Kiran?

    Tough decision, good luck!
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