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    I wonder where you live, if Kieran (to me, a familiar name and I know a couple) would lead to you not being taken seriously.

    What about Quinn? Little bit similar sound to Kieran perhaps? Def genderfluid, and not overused.

    Personally, I tend to love male names that are gentle, soft, and often end in -a. Think Luca, Alva, Sequoia. I think they lend themselves to some genderfluidity as well.

    I also love the pp’s suggestion of Torin! One of my current favorites!
    I live in the Philippines! Western names are common here but I've never seen anyone with Irish names here, unfortunately.

    It's a shame because I still really do love Kieran as a name and it feels so comfortable but I can't bring myself to use it in person. With friends and strangers online, it's not an issue, but locally, I worry about being judged.

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    I really like Ren as well, maybe you could use Reagan or Rylan as a full name.

    I also really like Charlie!
    ~ Kira ~

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    First thing that came to my mind is Peyton!

    Also love the suggestion of Cameron/ Camren.

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    Hi all,

    Thank you for the suggestions!

    As of now I am considering keeping the name Kieran and using the name Ren as a nickname.

    I do still really like the name Charlie though, I might try to use both.

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