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    Middle name that starts with an H you like better?

    My daughters are:
    Everley Honor
    Fiona Hart (my maiden name)
    So since we are getting a surprise daughter number 3 in April we decided to continue you originally unintended trend of alphabetical order and the middle name H.
    Daughter 3 will be Gwendolen and currently my hubby wants the middle name Hope.
    I’m not 100% sold on Hope.
    Any other H suggestions that go well with Gwendolen?

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    Mommy to beautiful Lilah

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    Gwendolen Hope sounds lovely, though a much more common middle than your others! Is that why you’re hesitating? Other ideas :

    Gwendolen Helena
    Gwendolen Heather
    Gwendolen Hattie
    Gwendolen Harriet
    Gwendolen Howie
    Gwendolen Hila
    Gwendolen Hilda
    Gwendolen Hilary
    Gwendolen Hailey
    Gwendolen Hallie
    Gwendolen Holly - my personnal fave!
    baby girl coming march 2019

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    I personally love Harlow and Holland!

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