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    Smile Help With Naming Characters

    Hey everyone!

    I need some help with naming some of my characters.

    The story I want to start writing is a young adult story perhaps like coming of age, not totally sure yet. Basically what happens is MC’s step-sister is in a fatal accident. Then in a spur of the moment thing she visits some distant relatives in the UK. It’s a modern day story too....
    Here’s the characters:

    MC: 17 or 18 years old. She has short almost shoulder length brown hair, slightly wavy. Blue eyes. Freckles. I haven’t fully developed her personality just yet but one thing I know is that she can be blunt. She was named after her father and mother. He preferred more vintage, historic names that maybe have a unique twist. Open to nature names too. Ok so to give you some help some names I have considered for her are: Vera, Celeste, and even Calypso.

    Half sister 10. She is MC’s step sister. She has long auburn hair and brown eyes. She has a different father than MC, they share the same mother. So, she was named by her father and mother and the names they liked are more trendy or “hipster”. At first I was calling her Vivienne “Viv” but it didn’t seem to fit.

    MC2: 18 or 19. He was born and lives in the UK so a name that fits that area would be great. As for now I am undecided if he lives in Scotland or England. Either name from one of those places would do.

    So those are the names I need for major characters. But if you just have any random names you want to throw out there that would be great cause I got minor characters that need some names too.

    Thanks in advance!
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    I like the names in your signature, so I thought MC's name could be Cleo and stepsister could be named Willow. For MC2 there are a couple names I like: Leo, Peirs, Rhys, and Alastair.
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    Thank you for the help! I had never thought of using the names in my signature before!


    Alice Willow, Amadea Catherine, Birdie Lilibeth, Cleo Josephine, Elizabeth Ottilie, Elowen Jay, Lydia Meadow, Rosemary Adele, Sylvie Violet

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    Just a tip: if they share the same mother, you should call them 'half-sisters'; I grew up with my half-sister and we would never call each other step-sisters. That's a different thing, and it's pretty cold to call your blood relative that!

    Are you still looking for names for the male character, or are you settled now?

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