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    Dec 2016
    Lost in a Book
    LN: O'Shea
    DGF(92): Brian Neill
    DGM(88): Myrtle Noreen [Ward]
    DS1(66): Neill Brian
    DD1(64): Colleen Myrtle
    DS2/DD2(60): Aodhan Michael/ Siobhan Brigid
    Brian and Myrtle O'Shea; Neill, Colleen, Aodhan and Siobhan
    LN: O'Shea
    DS1(66): Neill Brian
    DW(66): Moira Nevina [Griffin]
    -DS(40): Ryan Padraig
    -DS(38): Callum Ruadhri
    -DD(32): Molly Nevina
    Neill and Moira O'Shea; Ryan, Callum and Molly
    LN: O'Shea
    DS(40): Ryan Padraig
    DW(41): Nessa Imogine [Foster]
    ---DD(12): Keira Nessa Imogine
    ---DD(10): Oona Blake
    ---DS(8): Brodie Ryan Padraig
    ---DD(5): Sadhbh Larkin
    Ryan and Nessa O'Shea; Keira, Oona, Brodie and Sadhbh
    LN: Quince
    DS(38): Callum Ruadhri <O'Shea>
    DBF(35): Oisin Alexander
    ---DSS(9): Neville Alexander
    Callum O'Shea and Oisin Quince; Neville
    LN: Fitzpatrick
    DD(32): Molly Nevina [O'Shea]
    DH(37): Brandon Shane
    ---DD(6): Lake Nevina
    ---DD(4): Iona Fallon
    ---DS(2): Tadhg Rafferty
    Brandon and Molly Fitzpatrick; Lake, Iona and Tadhg
    LN: Murphy
    DD1(64): Colleen Myrtle <O'Shea>
    ExDH(81): Oran Craig
    -DD(32): Eimear Colleen
    -DS(30): Tristan Oran
    -DD(25): Sorcha Sloane
    Oran Murphy and Colleen O'Shea; Eimear, Tristan and Sorcha
    LN: Walsh
    DD(32): Eimear Colleen [Murphy]
    DW(35): Monica Laoise
    ---DAS(6): Darragh Ciaran "Ciaran"
    ---DAD(1): Colleen Laoise "Leenee"
    Monica and Eimear Walsh; Ciaran and Leenee
    LN: Murphy
    DS(30): Tristan Oran
    DW(28): Maeve Seanna [Moriarty]
    ---DS(2): Devlin Milo
    ---DS(NB): Keir Ossian
    Tristan and Maeve Murphy; Devlin and Keir
    LN: Farrell
    DD(25): Sorcha Sloane [Murphy]
    DH(27): Ian Gregor
    ---DD(NB): Tipper Sorcha Sloane
    Ian and Sorcha Farrell; Tipper
    LN: O'Shea
    DS2(60): Aodhan Michael
    ExDW(61): Treasa Siofra <Byrne>
    -DS(30): Donnelly Aodhan
    DW(43): Rosie Jude [O'Dowd]
    -DS(21): Lochlann Michael
    -DD(19): Dearbhla Rosie
    -DD(16): Kayleigh Jude
    Aodhan O'Shea and Treasa Byrne; Donnelly
    Aodhan and Rose O'Shea; Donnelly, Lochlann, Dearbhla and Kayleigh
    LN: O'Shea
    DS(30): Donnelly Aodhan
    DW(21): Oonagh Maud [Derry]
    ---DD(3): Kelsey Moon
    ---DS(1): Sean Ennis
    Donnelly and Oonagh O'Shea; Kelsey and Sean
    LN: Rooney
    DD2(60): Siobhan Brigid [O'Shea]
    DH(58): Peadar Riagan
    -DS(30): Mannix Boyd
    -DD(24): Aislinn Eire
    Peadar and Siobhan Rooney; Mannix and Aislinn
    LN: Rooney
    DS(30): Mannix Boyd
    DW(31): Blair Mahairi [Campbell]
    ---DS(5): Alec Campbell
    ---DD(3): Isla Mahairi
    Mannix and Blair Rooney; Alec and Isla
    LN: Rooney
    DD(24): Aislinn Eire
    DBF(26): Riordan Emmet <Doyle>
    Riordan Doyle and Aislinn Rooney
    Slytherclaw, Divergent, Lounging in Cabin #13
    Proud Member of The One and Done Club
    Mommy to a Son: N.R.G.*.

    <3 <3 <3 Loving <3 <3 <3
    Vivienne, Harper, Clover, Lydia, Adelaide, Starla & Maya
    Walker, Keagan, Silas, Logan, Theodore, Tobias & Xavier

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