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    Christmassy middle name for Lucy

    I'm due with a baby girl later this month, and we're pretty sure her name will be Lucy. Since she's going to be a Christmas baby, we want to give her a Christmassy middle name. Our children came up with Reindeer, and my husband suggested Fawn and Doe instead.

    What are your thoughts on these options? I know our names are not for everyone but we like them. So, Lucy Reindeer, Lucy Fawn or Lucy Doe? Our children are Elliott Fox and Anna Rosemary if that helps. Please don't suggest any other names as we already have too many on our list.
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    I like Lucy Fawn! I would really suggest something else, but if that's not an option, my vote goes to Fawn. Reindeer would send clearer Christmas inspiration, though, but it's not very usable IMO.
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    Lucy Fawn is cute and it fits well your sons name.

    I have a Lucille (nn Lucy) Gabriella. Love the name!

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    Out of the three, I prefer Lucy Fawn. I know you didn’t want to hear suggestions but I love Lucy Noelle and think it goes great with her sister’s name. BTW love Elliot Fox, very handsome.

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    Your children have stunning names! Lucy Fawn is my favourite from your suggestions and fits in well with your son's middle name.
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