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  • Sebastian Philip

    50 59.52%
  • Maximillian Thomas/Philip

    7 8.33%
  • Max Theodore

    27 32.14%
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    at least you have a short list! :P we've got 3 weeks and we've got just long lists, and none that are really sticking out... :P
    i like sebastian phillip the best. good luck!

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    I voted for Max, although personally I prefer Sebastian. W/your two older children's names having two syllables, four-syllable Sebastian didn't feel like it fit as well as Max. So unless you were going to use a nickname for Sebastian, Max works better IMO. Good luck!
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    I really don't think Max can stand on it's own, and I say that having had a boss that was just Max, it comes across as very childish and he definitely got "my dogs name was Max" quite a bit. Sebastian is the most handsome out of the three.

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    I voted for Sebastian Philip.

    Good luck!

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    Thank you all! I've been without internet for several days and catching up on responses. Looks like Sebastian is winning over Max right now. I do worry about the "dog name" thing with Max, but Sebastian doesn't sound the best with our last name. It's so hard for us to agree on names I guess I can't be that picky!

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    A shorter long version of Max could be Maxwell? Maximillian seems almost unpractical but Maxwell is just the right length IMO. Maxwell Phillip is my favourite
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    Quote Originally Posted by lara88 View Post
    A shorter long version of Max could be Maxwell? Maximillian seems almost unpractical but Maxwell is just the right length IMO. Maxwell Phillip is my favourite
    My husband doesn't like Maxwell and I don't like Maximus. A shame that Maxim is a magazine because that would have been another good compromise

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    no tiny humans, but love names


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